Company profile

Sartec - since 1976

SARTEC SRL designs, manufactures, and installs industrial finishing and extraction technologies since 1976.

SARTEC began from the longstanding experience of its staff in the sheet metal processing industry, which eventually led to design, manufacturing and delivering industrial paint booths and painting systems. The company location is in Padua, in the North-East of Italy; and its products and solutions are worldwide appreciated.

The attention given to each customer’s unique needs, and the creation of customized – ad-hoc – solutions led SARTEC personnel to gain extensive experience and knowledge in the field; allowing them to quickly recognize which solutions and technology are necessary to meet each customer’s requirements. Moreover, one of the highest priorities for SARTEC is the continuous investment in R&D projects, as to bring to the market products and solutions with innovative technical characteristics.

SARTEC values to offer solutions fostering higher quality on the customers’ finished products, tailor-made based on the customer requirements, and that are financially competitive; SARTEC focuses on smart technologies fostering utility consumption reduction and minimizing maintenance time and spare parts substitutions.

The expertise and knowledge of SARTEC personnel are key also in the post-sale assistance, which reflects in efficiency and speed. Installation and testing are always executed and managed by internal personnel.