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Industrial finishing and extraction systems.


Our Legacy

Since 1976, SARTEC designs, manufactures and installs industrial finishing and extraction systems made in Italy. The main added value we offer is certainly the longstanding experience and knowledge of 40 years of history spent in touch with all kinds of manufacturing companies; allowing us to propose a different point of view when choosing finishing equipment and components. Our mission is listening to our customers’ needs, understanding their production process and what they wish to achieve so that we can guide them step by step during the process of choosing the right solutions for them.

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Our employees' commitment is to research, study and share innovative technological solutions and products, adding concrete benefits to our customers. This led us recently to patent and commercialize a new filtration device.


Eco-Roller is a filtration device that can be added to any type of dry filter spray booth, providing several benefits. Up to 90% cost savings to replace the booth filtering media. The lower time required for maintenance operations. Avoidance of airflow obstructions as the Eco-Roller is an added filter easy to dispose of. Approved to function in ATEX environments.

Eco-Roller filtration device

Tailor-Made Solutions

One of the latest finishing systems realized. It consists of two separate pressurized finishing rooms on the ground floor, and a static oven on the first floor. The plastic components are sprayed and then transported by mean of an air conveyor, first within a drying area and subsequently inside the oven. One of the finishing room is characterized by ground filtration and suction so to spray larger components. The plant was delivered to a customer specialized in the refrigeration industry. It also meets the Industry 4.0 criteria, as it can be linked to the customer’s ERP software.

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Finishing Extraction Ventilation Handling Spare Parts & Accessories

Sartec specializes in the design and delivery of finishing solutions meeting the highest quality, safety, and energy efficiency standards. Our product range includes: -Dry filter and water wash painting booths, powder coating spray booths, as well as efficient and customized filtration devices. -Pressurized finishing systems with air conveyors. -Innovative fast-drying rooms. -Static industrial ovens. -Chillers to freshen spraying spaces More Details

The extraction systems ensure higher quality to the industrial processes, as well as the improvement of personnel working conditions. Sartec designs: -Extraction and filtration units -Sanding/deburring booths and benches -Extraction and filtering units with activated carbon filter -Customized suction arms and nozzles to capture any type and size of pollutants. More Details

Ventilation systems are used to create the ideal climate conditions for personnel and production processes, by keeping the desired temperature and humidity during summer and winter periods. Moreover, when convenient, it is possible adding to the ventilation system energy recovery components to reduce utility consumption. More Details

To improve and optimize spraying, drying, and material handling operations, implementing a manual or automatic conveyor is the ideal choice. Air conveyors – single or with double rail – can be installed on any new or existing system, and adjusted to all types of paint and material. More Details

Spare parts as filters are always on stock, and we offer also a wide array of complimentary spraying and extraction components. More Details