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Fast-Drying System

products / verniciatura

Fast-Drying System


The airflow circulation and treatment inside the fast-drying room is realized by mean of a dehumidification and heating (guaranteed by electrical resistances or by a heat exchanger) unit. The room is also free of pollutants as a dust filter is installed within it.

The fast-drying unit includes an automatic system to control the humidity and to modulate the temperature within the room. Moreover, to guarantee a consistent and uniform airflow, the drying room is made of vertical panels with proper air diffusion slots.

The fast-drying unit is controlled by an electrical panel which guarantees all system features are working properly; as well as the operator may set the desired humidity, temperature, and working time parameters. Moreover, it is possible to create and store drying “receipts” to optimize the process based on the products and materials.

The drying room is made of insulated sandwich panels injected with polyurethane resins. The vertical panels and roof also guarantee higher thermal insulation. The whole structure is assembled by pre-painted steel profiles to maximize the fast-drying room look and stability.

Access for handling products is by mean of one or two motorized shutters, while lightning is assured by double led ceiling lights.


The dehumidification and heating unit may be installed to already existing drying rooms and tunnels.

suitable for: Plastic Wood

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